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I really like this. The style looks like it's straight from the anime. She has the look of power and deadliness. I love the aura and li...

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DBu character practice : Frieza's
inspired by :iconsketchy-saiyan: cause with their talking about frieza monologue got me in the mood to do one plus with all that's happening in super.
Earths hell, Ive been here for decades, maybe more hard to tell time with those stuffed bears acting like this is a bloody carebear episonde! if I could movee I'd blast those bastards and whatever bastard that made them! I was a galatic empereor, people trembled to my very name and now im nothing but a joke forgotten cause of that super saiyan goku gah! just thinking about those saiyans makes me sick! all his stupid mercy and goddie two shoes nature I would barf if I had a stomach. If all of those monkeys died with their planet I wouldn't be in this hell and don't get me started on it. that thing the scientists made in my lab "my personal weapon" that thing tried to turn on me the first second it got, I refuse to call it by its name it was given either, that thing is all it was a thing I living weapon was all it was supposed to be, a
:iconn7warrior007:N7warrior007 2 0
when copy and paste goes wrong by N7warrior007 when copy and paste goes wrong :iconn7warrior007:N7warrior007 2 2
Dragon ball universe short. Mizuna's thoughts
Since i was a early teen I thought I knew who i was what i was into. Living With a very open race at least i didn't have to fear it. The Zalians are very open minded with sexuality and believe all deserve love to be shared and given. In ways the whole race can be seen as one big family. Anyways Since I was about 12 I only felt attraction towards the women or ones my age. so I assuemed I was a lesbian. Of course Zalians being Zalians they we're fine with it. I find it saddening that the earthlings can feel hate to love. If im into women and your a guy, how does me being into women affect you? And so what if a guy asks you out. all you got to do is polietly turn them down. I know Luffa got attacked before for it. Luckily Luffa can defend herself and her wife if needed. I mean she's 3/4 saiyan. bullets can't even scratch my brothers skin when he's a kid so now i'd be surprised if any earthling weapons could do anything so knives do jack all agains't us. anyway back to my experiance. My fi
:iconn7warrior007:N7warrior007 5 4
last birthday thing by N7warrior007 last birthday thing :iconn7warrior007:N7warrior007 8 17


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Ok so super 111

Big ish spoilers.

Jiren was on the edge frozen....

WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TRY TO RING HIM OUT. Sure he's strong but lift throw done sorted biggest threat out of the picture. But no he told them to move instead of all going ssj/ beserker and throw him off
Well went to bed and when I woke up my back door was still unlocked thank goodness no one broke it
Well I'm pissed at my mum. She knew I needed money for the buss tomorrow and took from my wallet and spent it
What boredom, photoshop and a idea to use the teachers face. Kyle Minogue's body riding a viagra pill rocket...the teacher wasn't happy I may edit it better at home...and pray mum never sees lol

embedded_item1507644516859 by N7warrior007
I had the biggest realisation

Old kai is a lesbian hermaphrodite.

He's a perv into woman when he fused with a woman technically making him both genders.
Vegito65 nighgirl268 GoddessLizzy TheOnePhun211 InstinctShadowSaiyan lesleytonyb
tagged by :iconspideysaiyan35:

rules 1. you have to post all rules

2 awnser all 12 questions

3 choose 12 people 

legitimatly tag 12 people

you can tag back :evillaugh:

1.whats your clothing style when your out and about?

basic thing, jeans, tshirt ect in not very fashion caring, 


taken :heart: :heart: :heart:

3. sexual orintation


4: how many ocs do you have?

pft tonnes over 15 ocs total some not even revealed yet

5: what is your guilty pleasure

right now, probably listening to youtube pooops and stuff

like this 
(i laugh cuase part makes goku sound like hes saying fuck, simple shit makes me laugh lol)

6. name 6 embarrasing things you've done

well there was a time at a school trip when i was younger i fell into a pond

Ive rpd and accidentally sent a reply to the wrong person before that was embarrising

Ive walked into the walls on several ocasions

Ive fell asleep in class before infront of everyone even was snoring

Ive pissed myself as a little kid on stage cuase the teacher wouldnt let me leave

and i cant think of a 6th at the moment

7. what would be your first move in a zombie appocalypse?

stock up all the food i can, go to my local teritoriasl army base to see if theres any weapons/

8.who is your favorite singer
i dont really have one specifit favorite, i like many artists

9.what was your first video game you played and what console was it on?

ocarina of time on the gamecube

10. which show do you wish to bring back for a second season?

hellsing ultimate

11:facorite place to hang out?

my bedroom

12:which timezone do you live in?

uk / gmt

my questions

1.are you on deviantart as often as you used to?

2.are you currently working on any drawing/ story

3.what kind of art do you like?

4.what youtubers do you watch?

5: are you in school, college or do you work?

6.worst experiance online? (dont have to awnser if you dont want to talk about it) many times have you been tagged by now?

8. do you find it hard to make original questions? (I do)

9.favorite food?

10: favorite character?

11.pc gaming, xbox one or ps4?

12. whats your type of humor?

people im tagging

(im so sorry i cant be the only one sick of tags)



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basically I'm the very stereotype of a gamer i play games all the time been playing nintendo games since 6 and had no social life since lol



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